Organic Soya Cake

The organic soya beans are mechanically processed at first and then carefully de-oiled by means of cold-pressing. Only then does the thermal treatment with steam take place. As opposed to the soya cake from our competitors, we thus preserve the solubility of the protein while effectively reducing the antinutrivitive factors (ANF) at the same time. The short-term hygienisation is carried out at the end of the process. This enables us to ensure maximum product safety. We pelletise our soya cake to reduce the surface area, which prevents microbiological germs from attacking it.

Organic Soya Oil

Our soya oil is cold-pressed: the unsaturated fatty acids are preserved. Only the tiniest amounts of impurities find their way into the oil, which are mechanically filtered out using traditional methods. This fully preserves the natural properties. On request we can have our organic soy oil refined and deodorised by service providers.


The soya beans originate from organic farming enterprises, most of whose production is in accordance with farming associations´ guidelines. Our purchase of raw materials is 100 per cent traceable.

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