Organic Soya Cake and Organic Oil

High quality: 100 per cent organic, 100 per cent traceable, 100 per cent gentle processing

The supply bottlenecks with proteins for the organic animal feed production continued to escalate in the 2000s. It resulted in a few serious distortions and scandals with conventional raw materials being declared “organic”. That provided the impetus for German organic mixed-feed manufacturers to establish a safe alternative for supplying organic soya cake in 2014. In cooperation with the Minden oil mill, a processing site designed for 100 per cent organic soya beans was set up at the Minden location. The technological concept was developed in joint forces with renowned mixed-feed manufacturers. Especially for the supply of monogastrics (poultry and pigs), it is vital to provide essential amino acids. Where synthetic products or fishmeal are used in conventional feed, organic soya cake in animal husbandry provides the necessary supply base with proteins in a highly sustainable way. Soya is an important crop in agricultural crop rotation: By binding atmospheric nitrogen via the nodular bacteria in the soya´s root system, the plant fertilises itself and leaves behind nutrients in the ground for successive crops.

We are personally acquainted with those who produce the organic soya. In addition to the EU organic certification, the majority of them are certified according to the standards of German farming associations.  An increasing amount of soya is being processed by German organic farms.

The particularly gentle processing method, whereby the necessary heat treatment for deactivating (damaging) trypsin inhibitors only takes place after pressing, results in a high quality protein and protein digestibility.

Agriprotein is a member of the Gesellschaft für ökologische Tierernährung e.V. (Goete) and the Verein Donausoja.

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