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Certificates are not everything, but everything is nothing without them!

EU Organic

The EU Regulations on organic production 834/2007 and 889/2008, are the basis for all farmers, processors and distributors of organic products. They define the guidelines for the production, processing and trade, and hence protect the terms “organic” and “eco” for food and feed throughout the entire European Union, Regular – including unannounced – checks at all levels guarantee the organic standard.

More information: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture


The Naturland e.V. was founded in 1982. Its members are organic farming operations. The Naturland association has issued guidelines for the production, processing and trade, which are stricter than statutory standards in many aspects. Naturland is represented worldwide in 52 countries with 54,000 farmers. A particular concern of the Naturland e.V. is the compliance with social standards. Agriprotein GmbH is a partner of Naturland.

More information: Naturland e.V.


7,744 farmers, horticulturists, beekeepers and vintners in Germany and South Tyrol operate according to the Bioland guidelines. This also includes 1,153 partners from production and trade such as bakeries, dairies, butchers and restaurants. (As of 2019) Together, in the association founded in 1971, they form a community of values for the benefit of people and the environment. Agriprotein GmbH is a contract partner of Bioland.

More information: Bioland e.V.


Biokreis e.V. founded in 1979 was originally focused on Eastern Bavaria. Biokreis now also operates throughout Germany and in the European neighbouring countries. Just like other farming associations, Biokreis guidelines differ from the legal standard due to their stricter requirements.

More information: Biokreis e.V.


The organic farming association “Biopark e.V.” was founded in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 1991 and stands for certified organic farming without compromises. The guidelines require a total farm conversion, outdoor access, grazing as well as the farm’s own feed. No animals are kept in tethers on Biopark farms. Through animal welfare checks, each farm is controlled annually. Both, the feed for the animals, and all Biopark products contain almost exclusively local Biopark raw materials. There is no “recertification” of raw materials.

More information: Biopark e.V.


Bio Suisse is the umbrella organisation of the Swiss Knospe companies and owner of the registered brand Knospe. The supporters are the approx. 7,100 Knospe farmers and Knospe horticulturists, who are organised in 32 member organisations. Agriprotein is a licensee of BioSuisse.

More information: BioSuisse

IFS International Featured Standards

IFS standards help to ensure that the certified companies produce a product in conformity with specifications agreed with the customers, and consistently work on improving processes. Manufacturers and distributors from all over the world are now working with the various standards in order to fulfil new requirements of globalisation with quality, transparency and efficiency. Agriprotein is certified according to the IFS Broker Standard.

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GMP is an international standard for the animal feed industry. All aspects of storage, transport, trade and processing are regulated in guidelines [AR1].

Agriprotein is certified according to the GMP+B3 standard.

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